About Us

Saturday night 2019 out and about in your local drinking hole, wearing your retro pulp fiction t shirt, because its comfy and cool, and you get into a conversation with a complete stranger about how you can't seem to find that one shirt that floats your boat, That shirt where someone sees it and goes "Duuuuddddeee... i loved that film!..that bit when. " and so it starts, a laugh and a joke about how "they don't make them like that anymore".

Well that was me.. spin on a bit and a nightmare covid 19 2020 later and i find myself sat at home dreaming up moviemantis.com  Finally somewhere where you can find or even help create (more on that later) a cool homage to a film you love, personally the list is long with me!?.. When i was a kid i used to drive my parents mad watching Top Gun pretty much on repeat!.. 

But that is for another time.. I set up this store to empty my brain of ideas..I say me but its not just me, i come up with the ideas for the designs but i have all the artistic grace of a squashed apricot... So i have a team of designers to help make professional bang on designs a reality and which i would love to see you in.. :) 

So... when i spot you wearing one of my shirts you better buy me a drink!.. haha